PRESTIGE / DELUXE SERIES - Large variety of door styles, woods, and stains.

Deluxe Series -  Offers a hand crafted traditional style look with large variety of door styles and options to choose from.  These are all built to order and customized to meet your specifications.  The standard is Oak however we can build in cherry, maple, mahogany, and alder.  Deluxe racking system has all standard columns to fit most pinots, chardonnays, and bordeauxs.  You gain more capacity this way and can fit larger bottles such as champagnes and magnums in the upper bulk storage area. 

Prestige Series - Offers a more contemporary look with clean lines and several window styles.  The standard is Cherry wood however we can also build in maple, oak, cherry, and mahogany.   Prestige racking system has 2 columns for champagne size and the rest standard to fit most pinots, chardonnays, and bordeauxs. 

**** Both Deluxe and Prestige can be built single deep 24" instead of the standard 30".  By doing so, you will lose half the bottle capacity.  Pricing remains the same.  Please contact us for more details at (877) 447-8700.  Single deep cabinets must be secured to the wall.

****Both Deluxe and Prestige are equipped with the Breezaire 1060 WCKE Cooling System.  Upgraded 2200 WKCE recommended if cabinet will be placed in a warm area of the house or for the larger 500 capacity cabinets.




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