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eSommelier has been the worlds leading wine cellar management system since 2003. Used by over 5,000 private collectors around the world, eSommelier has been helping sophisticated wine collectors keep track of what wine they have, where it is stored and when they should drink it. The system also helps you keep track of how much you paid for the wine, where it was purchased and what the current valuation is.


This all-in-one wine management system is the perfect accessory for the wine collector who has more than 500 bottles cellared. The touchscreen, barcode scanner and printer expertly fit this hand-made oak platform which compliments any beautiful wine cellar. The oak platform conceals all the wires and enables easy plug-and-play access on the back-side.

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Wine Inventory Made Simple

Your wine collection is precious. You may have a fairly good idea of what wines you have and where they’re located. But how often does a bottle get forgotten about – until it’s too late? You may have tried to maintain a spreadsheet or used one of those free online programs. But keeping them up to date is cumbersome, and just doesn’t happen.

As the world’s leading provider of wine inventory solutions, we understand what it takes to manage wine effectively. We developed our Private Cellar Management System specifically for wine collectors like you. The key is its simplicity.

The cellar software system consists of 3 parts that are enclosed in a handcrafted oak box: a touch-screen terminal, a bar code scanner, and a wine barcode printer. Once you receive the kit, you can install it in your cellar in minutes. A wired or wireless Internet connection is required.

It takes just a few seconds to enter a bottle into the system. A customized bar code label is printed, which you affix to each bottle. When it’s time to remove a bottle, just wave it under the bar code scanner and it’s automatically deleted from your inventory.

Perusing your collection is effortless, and can take place from the terminal or from any web browser. You can view your wine’s labels, tasting notes, ratings & drink dates (with subscription). Finding a particular wine by country, region, variety, winery, drink date, cost, and other factors is as easy as touching a few buttons.

The Private Cellar Management System makes wine collecting more manageable and more fun. Let eSommelier simplify your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to buy the entire eSommelier system including the wooden box or can I just use my iPad?

A. The eSommelier system comes with a 17″ touchscreen monitor which is essential to the all-in-one system working. In order to log in to your wine collection with your iPad the touchscreen computer needs to be connected to power and the internet. The eSommelier system comes with a 17″ monitor, and is used as the base station for barcoding your wine bottles and checking in and out of your wine from your cellar. The system also comes with a wireless barcode scanner, barcode printer and 1 roll of barcode labels. (~500 labels per roll depending upon how much information you want to print on each label.) Once you activate access with your system’s serial number at, you will be able to log in with your iPad, laptop or any tablet device to access and manage your wine inventory from anywhere.

Q. Is my wine data stored on this machine or in the cloud?

A. Your wine data is stored in both in the touch screen computer (in case your internet goes down and want to find your ’98 Caymus, for example) and backed up by the eSommelier server in the cloud, just in case the computer fails or is stolen or destroyed.

Q. Can I manage wine that is stored in different locations?

A. Yes. Each bottle will have a unique location name or identifier which you determine so you can enter bottles that are stored in different locations. However, if the locations are in different cities or houses for example, you may want to consider purchasing two systems so that you can check-in and check-out wine from each location using barcode printing/scanning. If you buy two systems, we can configure them for you so they would be synchronized. Otherwise, while you can add or delete wine from your iPad connecting to a single system, you won’t be able to print or scan bar code labels from other locations.

Q. How do I access my wine collection with my iPad?

A. Once you activate your systems serial number at, you will be able to access your wine inventory through this web page, which can be saved as an icon favorite on your iPad desktop.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. $3,995 includes everything you need for the first year; Plug-and-play touchscreen system, barcode scanner, barcode printer, all encased in an expertly crafted oak box. Included in this cost is $500 which covers 12 months of software updates, technical support, access, hardware failure replacement, and nightly data back-up. After 12 months to retain support and to continue receiving software upgrades you will need to renew your Annual Support subscription here. There is a 30 day money-back guarantee, where you can get a refund for your order (minus shipping and a 15% re-stocking fee) should you not be happy for whatever reason.

Q. Are there any other ongoing charges or fees?

A. Yes. After 12 months to continue receiving software upgrades, retain technical support, hardware failure replacement, you will need to renew your Annual Support subscription here.

Q. How do I link my wine tasting note subscriptions with my eSommelier?

A. When you setup your eSommelier system, in the administration screen, you can enter your own login credentials to your wine tasting note subscriptions so that when you are entering your wine into the system, those tasting notes and drink date info is automatically added to your wine record.

Q. What are the power and set-up requirements?

A. 110 Volts AC power, Wifi or Ethernet.

Q. How do I enter my wine inventory data into the system?

A. Entering in your wine and bottle info is simple and auto-assisted. For example, if you are entering a bottle of 2002 Caymus Vinyards Special Selection, all you need to do is touch NEW WINE, then touch “C-A-Y”. Then the system will suggest the wine you are trying to enter, and automatically add the country, region, variety and type. If you have an account with any popular tasting note or review provider, the tasting notes and maturity dates data will be added to that wine record. If the wine you are entering is not currently in our database of more than 350,000 wines, you will still be able to add the wine and all the info about that wine. Wine label images are automatically matched when adding your wine. If a label doesn’t match, you can select another label by touching LABEL SEARCH. The next step is to enter the number of bottles of that particular wine and the location of those bottles.

Q. Can you help me set up the system and inventory my collection of wine?

A. The eSommelier system is plug-and-play, with no software to install. Just plug it in and you’re ready to begin entering your wine inventory. Entering 100 bottles of wine takes about an hour. If you would like to hire us to come on-site to inventory your wine collection, we can do so through our Concierge Services which is provided through a network professional sommeliers.

Base Price: $3,995.00


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